Your baby and body working together

One of the mantras we repeat throughout hypno-birthing classes  is that you baby and body work together.

Although we all know that birth is natural and women have been giving birth for hundreds of years , we seem to doubt your ability to give birth .

The reason we have such doubt, is often due to the stories from friends , family and TV shows which depict women screaming and being rushed into theatre while everyone waits by the theatre doors to hear the first scream of the baby.

In hypno birhting classes, we continually remind you that birth is natural beautiful and what your body is designed to do.

One of the biggest thrills for me ,is meeting couples on week one of class, when parents tell me about their feelings of anxiety or doubt their ability to give birth, but then watch those concerns fade away by week 4 .

Excited about birth

Invariably by week 4 the mums are feeling excited about their impending birth and support people are recognising they wont be sitting watching the footy but will be busily creating a calm environment for mum and baby.

Often the most sceptical partner is won over very quickly when they realise i’m not swinging a watch to make them embarass them selves under hypnosis.

My couples regularly report back how amazing their support people were (because they’ve been worded up on what tools will help mums through the intense sensations of birth.

While many mums later report they didn’t feel they were as quiet as the mums in the videos we show, they always report that they found the techniques and the self awareness helped them through their labour 

Dear Kate,

We just wanted to thank you for a fantastic hypnobirthing course. The skills and techniques we learnt with you allowed us to have the calm, drug free birth we wanted. I was able to labour in the pool, listening to my relaxation music, breathing in my favourite scents on the diffuser. Chris was an amazing birth partner, keeping me calm, relaxed and focused by reading the scripts, and reminding me to relax my face and jaw to allow the rest of me to relax.

When I felt baby’s head descending, my breathing pattern instinctively changed (as you said it would) to breathe baby down. Chris calmly and regularly repeated to me that my body and Baby knew exactly what to do.
So despite having to be induced, the whole birthing experience was a wonderful one. Calm, peaceful, and pretty quick! When George was born, he was so calm. I’m sure this was because the atmosphere was so calm.

We will definitely be recommending hypnobirthing to anyone and everyone!

Best wishes,
Anna and Chris