When the unexpected happens

Our biggest upgrade in hypnobirthing classes over the years has been – emphasising that no matter what way you have your baby and no matter what the circumstances , Hypnobirthing is all about positive birth – whatever way that needs to be !


we emphasise that although we are strong advocates of normal, uninterrupted and unmedicated birth , there are situations when the ideal needs to step aside for a change in circumstances.

This lovely couple wrote to let me know that the tools they learnt in my classes certainly helped them adapt to change of circumstances

Hi Kate,
It’s Chloe from your November classes. I just wanted to let you know that we appreciated your classes so much.
All did not go according to plan as I developed pre-eclampsia and after a week in hospital I had an emergency c-section (while my husband had Covid) and we we had packed our house to move to QLD haha.
Ezra was born at 31 weeks and spent the first two months of life in the NICU.
But I just wanted to say that despite all, I felt calm through knowing it was the right decision for my baby. As you say, information is power and that really helped knowing what was happening and why.
I’ve already recommended you to a bunch of friends because just having a natural medication free birth is just the surface of why your course is so important.Hypnobirthing change in circumstance

Thank you so much ?


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