Vbac success story

I receive many emails from mums who are eager to achieve a VBAC and want to learn tools to help them achieve this dream

i frequently suggest that a hypnobirthing course prepares both parents for a VBaC

 The reason why hypnobirthing helps is that parents learn so much more about birth and the effect of our mind over our body

When parents understand the mind body connection they “get” why addressing their fears is the first step in achieving normal birth 

BUT what if things don’t go to plan ? Well we help parents prepare for that too

Thos couple travelled an hour every week to prepare for an empowered hypnobirthing vaginal birth after Caesarian 

Their commitment certainly paid off

Hi Kate,

Below is our birth story, I thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, it helped me throughout my third trimester to the day of our daughter’s birth.

First birth: C-section at 37wks Feb’ 13. No labour, concern for heart rate prior to ECV for breech position.

This time, because of the hurdles in my first pregnancy which led to the c-s, they became my focus for both pregnancy & birth. At 20 wks, I began regular chiro appts, & at 32 wks & 38 wks I had acupuncture. After researching ways to maximise VBAC success, my husband & I decided to do hypnobirthing classes. It helped us both understand the important factors of experiencing a healthy birth, i.e. keeping calm, confident & relaxed so that my body receives signal that it’s safe to release the baby into the world. From 30 weeks on, I regularly listened to my hypno tracks before bed, whilst sitting on my birth ball in my candlelit bedroom. I also inhaled mandarin oil from a tissue during my relaxation sessions so that during labour I could do the same, which would trigger my senses to remind me to be calm. My EDD was 11/11, but because I knew I’d start to stress if I passed this date (I tend to over-think & worry too much), I told myself my EDD was a week earlier, 4/11. So I made sure I completed my “before baby” checklist before this date, so that perhaps my brain would signal to baby that I was ready whenever it was to enter the world. Funnily enough, my labour started on the evening of 4/11. I had a hard belly from 6pm til 9:45, when the hardenings then were accompanied by 30 seconds of very low period type cramps. My husband had coincidentally fallen asleep at 9:45, so I thought I’d let him sleep while I saw if this was the real deal. Sure enough, the 30 second cramps continued every 2-3 minutes. At 12:45am, I rang the hospital & they asked us to come in to monitor contractions & heart rate for awhile since this was a TOLAC. Everything looked great, however I was only 1cm, so they suggested I go home to sleep & return late morning. So we drove back (25 min drive) to rest. Before returning to the hospital at midday, I managed to get in two 1hr naps, & had a few snacks to help build up energy. Had another hour of CTG, lying on my back during this really intensified my contractions, & got me to 3cm. After this time, we were given a room, but pacing around the dull room really killed off the tightenings, so my husband, son & I went for a 15 minute downhill walk to a cafe. On the way back, the uphill walk really set off the tightenings which then kept them regular & had me reach 5cm by early evening. During this time, I kept my room dimly lit, listening to various relaxation tracks, & alternating from walking & rolling on the birth ball whilst inhaling my mandarin tissues! At 2am, my midwife thought that my membranes could rupture soon, as I was then 7cm. My husband who had been sleeping in the car, joined us in the labour ward at 3am. At this point, I found lying on my side actually gave me the most effective tightenings, so I stayed on the bed til the midwife suggested AROM at 6am, as she was worried that waiting any longer would just result in me tiring out, as I had only managed 2.5 hrs sleep since labour began 36 hrs earlier. I was happy with this, & turns out this was a good decision, as they were still hard to rupture. At 6:45 the tightenings really ramped up, & from there I could no longer silently breathe through the one minute cramps, I involuntarily vocalised various noises deep from my gut, to which I liken to a moaning cow. As I was quite fatigued, I stayed on my left side for probably half an hour until I decided to get on all 4s as I visualised that it’d be vital then to open my pelvis. From here, I knew it was now or never. I had just worked for a day & a half to get to this point, there was no way I would waste this & have it end in a repeat c-s. I found a strength, both physical & mental, I had never used before & beared down in long breaths until the baby crowned, then the head, half the body & then another small push to complete the birth of our daughter at 7:53am, who was then passed up from behind my legs to my arms & then given the amazing gift of skin to skin for an hour. I believe what led me to a successful VBAC (of course given that I was fortunate to have had a complication free pregnancy) was that my entire focus throughout the 38 hr labour was keeping my baby calm. I kept relaxed & confident, picturing that this was maintaining her heart rate. I agreed to the cannula & CTG, to me they provided peace of mind & were easy enough to ignore with my hypno tools. My husband was on standby the whole time to cater to my requests, such as firmly rolling a massage ball on my lower back to distract from the tightenings. Although I never entered complete hypnosis as I know some women do, it kept me mentally strong enough to forget that there are such things as pain relief! Looking back, I’m bewildered that not once did I stop & think “hmmm maybe some gas would be nice”. Please see the attached photos of our lovely little girl!

Thanks again Kate,