Repeat Hypnobirthing

Hello Kate

I should have shared this sooner but I have been very exhausted & so busy and basically healing and trying to get through the baby blues

But I’m out the other side and am excited to introduce my beautiful little

Paige Victoria

Born 1 week ago , 13.10.2022 at 2:15pm
I went into hospital with blood pressure hypertension (160/100)
After 4 days of monitoring and it not going below 150/95, I accepted induction at 37+2.

Cervidil was inserted on Wednesday night about 8:30pm
And my waters broken around 8:30am on Thursday morning and the drip started.

10:30am active labour commenced and by 2:15pm with the last hour on the gas& a few light grazes, little Paige entered the world.

2810 grams and 48cm long.

Shaun was an awesome Hypnobirthing partner and the hip squeezes we learnt with you worked a treat! They were the most amazing!
This time (unlike last time) I ensured I got off the bed, I was standing or sitting on the ball for most of labour.

The student midwife (3rd year) we allowed in the room had never experienced Hypnobirthing nor seen a ‘natural vaginal birth’ without interventions. And really enjoyed the experience with us.

Paige has mastered breast feeding like a little milk champion and gaining weight perfectly.

Thank you for all your support yet again through out pregnancy and helping to make our birthing experience a positive enjoyable one to remember for ever more.

Paige now completed u family of 6!

Thank you for everything you do for us Kate. Helping to spread empowerment and positive pregnancy and birthing experiences.
I’ll always recommend u and I will actually miss you!
You empowered me and made me know I am able to north my children and I will be in control of my family entering this world!

As I waited in my shared room on the 2nd night in womens health ward, another women came in. She started having contractions and the midwives didn’t believe she was too far along so left the room.

Sure enough Over the next hour and a half her contractions were becoming much stronger.
She let me time her contractions and I played my Hypnobirthing tracks for her and reminded her that her baby is coming on it’s perfect birthday, and her body was made to birth her child! With my speech her breathing calmed and she was getting through each minute of each contraction.

We have swapped numbers and stayed in contact. And it was so nice to wake the following morning to some beautiful photos of her and her new little baby girl Sophie who arrived safely.
She has been for ever grateful I was in the room with her that night , i was her angel who got her through what she thought she couldn’t anymore.

?Big Hypnobirthing sister

Thank you again Kate x
You’re the real angel! Forever grateful and I’ll forever remember you xo