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Top ten  breastfeeding tips

While Breastfeeding for at least 6 months is seen as highly desirable according to the world health organization , it is a learned skill

1) attend a Breastfeeding education session with a lactation consultant before your baby arrives

2) attachment is the most important skill in ensuring comfortable Breastfeeding

3) offer your baby you e breast within the first hour of birth when your baby is alert and interested

4) have skin to skin contact with your baby in that first hour especially , as it keeps baby warm and baby smells and recognizes its mum

5) avoid giving formula top ups , as it can interfere with Breastfeeding success

6) offer the baby the breast whenever he is hungry, as it helps to settle baby and helps to encourage good supply, and it reduces that fullness which is so uncomfortable on day 3

7) allow baby to feed until he falls asleep, this will ensure he gets the high fat milk which keeps him more content

8) seek support from mums who have breastfeed themselves

9) newborn babies can sometime demand feed up to 10-12 times a day , their patterns are not the same as bottle fed babies

10) relax and rest up, it’s natural but it can be very tiring so you can enhance success by being kind to yourself

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