Tongue tie expert

Many of my clients will know that I consider this a very controversial subject …

As this article so eloquently explains, there is an extra ordinary number of babies who are suddenly being treeated, at enormous expense , for a condition which in actual fact is often nothing but a variation of normal.

Now Im not denying that many mums will find nipple relief from a simple frenotomy which is a simple , procedure done by many paediatricians , but I am concerned about the number of babies having their tongue ties (and muscle) lasered . with poorly researched long term effects.

Please be cautious about trusting recommendations on forums for a “tongue tie expert” promising a quick fix laser tongue tie revision

As an experienced midwife / lactation consultant , I will never make claims about being a tongue tie expert for several reasons:

  • 1) I am regulated by AHPRA and can not make claims which are not evidenced based
  • 2) I won’t recommend a surgical treatment for something which is not evidence based ( ie “posterior tongue tie”) and particularly when I am aware that there is the potential to do more harm ( infection, bleeding , nerve damage)
  • 3) I have managed to work conservatively and successfully with many mums (who have been told inaccurately that their babies need surgical/ laser treatment ).
  • 4)Many mothers are being scared into these treatments with fear based stories of what will happen if they don’t act ( without sound evidence to support )

Before consenting to anything more than a simple frenotomy , ask for research evidence ( not anecdotal evidence from happy customers )…/10813

For a conservative approach to sore nipples,colicky baby, reflux and any other reason you’ve been told “tongue tie” please contact me for an appointment