Tongue tie Adelaide

I’ve recently been asked to review a few babies after another Lactation consultant has advised that a baby has a posterior “tongue tie” needing laser

I am not talking about the very obvious frenulum seen without feeling around a baby’s mouth , I’m talking about the “posterior tongue tie “ which is currently being “diagnosed” and lasered in frightening number of babies

I am known for a very conservative assessment of “tongue tie” because the evidence ( real life quality research ) does not support the extensive laser of baby’s tongues

As a Lactation consultant my course did not include assessment of tongue tie because there is not a research based tool to accurately asses the presence of posterior tongue tie . Claims that someone is a tongue tie expert is not currently regulated by the same national board that Nurses , midwives and doctors are regulated by .

As a regulated health practitioner I would be disciplined for making claims that I am an expert in tongue tie assessment because it isn’t research based

Asa regulated health practitioner, I also cannot publish testimonials from satisfied clients who would report my success with helping them without laser

As such the number of people looking at my website compared to a tongue tie expert would give potential clients the idea that despite my 27 years of experience as a midwife and 20 years as a Lactation consultant , that I am not as well qualified to help them with “tonguetie” “symptoms”

Unfortunately, this is becoming an all too common procedure done for symptoms which can actually be attributed to a variation of normal

For example baby being “ gassy” IS NOT a cause of tongue tie but often associated with a very abundant supply of milk

Baby coming off the breast , again may be associated with an abundant milk supply and the baby actually getting too much milk too quickly.

Sore nipples ,are, in my 27 years of experience often able to be managed by looking at feeding position and making some very simple and painless changes in attachment ( no laser needed)

Baby’s do bring up some milk and often this is also caused by an abundant milk supply and I see this begin commonly around 3 weeks when mums supply is increased , her baby is becoming more efficient at feeding and she is relaxing into her pattern ( vomiting also is not a sign of a tongue tie )

Frequent feeding , short periods of sleep and watery poop is often associated with babies getting lots of wonderful milk but may also be that bubs is switching sides too early and missing the fatty milk at the end of the feed resulting in lactose overload .

Again these symptoms have often been the reason mums have been told they need laser surgery !

Low supply can be due to all manner of reasons and when supply is low babies may not stay attached to the breast because they are not satisfied or may be low on energy . Again the poor attachment may be due to the low supply in the first place and not necessarily due to “tongue tie “

This article explains the difference between the tongue tie where a frenulum is visable and easily snipped and the “ posterior tongue tie” currently becoming an epidemic in Australia and America…/10813


How has the trend of painful and often unnecessary frenotomy for breastfeeding babies come about?