Sleep clinic Adelaide

Is your baby sleeping though the night?
Are you making a rod for your own back?
Should you give extra milk to make him sleep longer ?
Read this and understand that your baby is normal and behaving just as nature intended.

There are many books and experts who claim a one size fits all approach to baby sleep patterns.

They will often claim that a baby can be trained to sleep through the night and that all they need is to be topped up with formula.

What they don’t understand is that breastfed babies have lighter sleep patterns and thats why they wake , this is what puts them at lower risk of SIDS.

What they don’t understand is that giving formula to a breastfed baby, potentially reduces the mothers milk supply thereby increasing the volume of formulae needed over time.

You don’t need to follow Ill conceived ,uninformed advice to top your baby up with extra food  

If your struggling with your newborn baby’s sleep patterns Id like to offer you support for up to 6 weeks after your baby’s birth

Id like to help you trust your instincts and to believe that you can continue to satisfy your breastfeed  baby

Id like you to feel confident with your decision to calm your baby with cuddles when he needs you most

Id like to share a philosophy of newborn care which fills you with confidence instead of anxiety 

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