Purple pushing, often leads mothers to tire very easily and sometimes require assistance to birth their baby .BUT our body knows how to push and in fact we have a "fetal ejection reflex" or "natural expulsive reflex" whihc means even if we didnt deliberately "push" our baby will be "expelled" naturally.When the time is right mums feelce at work and when its strong enough she wont be able to hold back

Purple pushing

Purple pushing, coached pushing, holding your breath, all mean basically the same thing

Mothers being instructed on pushing causes them to hold their breath and push down into their bottom.

Another more normal and less exhausting option would be “breathing or bearing down” working with the contractions 

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When mothers do this they often become extremely tired, they often end up with haemorhoids and frequently become so tired that they need assitsance to give birth.

When we watch really old movies you would often hear coaching to bear down and work with your body 

I would guess that we bgan coaching mothers on how to push when women having epidurals couldn’t feel when they needed to push 

  • Every woman’s worst fear during birth, is tearing..
    So how can we reduce the risk of tearing ?
    Avoid forced pushing during birth
    Why :
    Because it exhausts mothers Increases the risk of tearing
    Decreases available oxygen to baby 
    Etc etc
  • During hypnobirthing , we teach mother to follow their “natural expulsive reflex” which comes when the cervix is fully open and the baby is further down in the birth canal
    Come and learn methods which work WITH your body NOT against it.