Private midwifery care

Many mums all over the world experiencing some difficulties in the first few weeks after having a baby. While breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world many of us have never known of some of the common difficulties and so will often assume we are the only ones 

In Australia ,You CAN get professional midwifery care for 6 weeks after your birth
Private midwives like “my private midwife” (AKA Kate Bergamasco) can fill a void ,with medicare rebatable services
We offer support for new parents in your home or our office in North Adelaide with a qualified experience midwife and lactation consultant

Private midwifery care provides families with the opportunity to access personalised midwifery care after discharge from hospital.You can take advantage of private midwifery care irrespective of where you have your baby (private or public hospital)

You can even come and meet me before your birth to have a chat about any concerns

Sure your OB will be there for birth but they leave the postnatal care of your family to midwives like me !!
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(This may be an American video but Aussie parents also value midwifery support for 6 weeks after birth)

If you’d like to meet your own midwife for postnatal midwifery support BOOK HERE