Preparing for parenting

You’ve spent months preparing for birth and if you are one of hyppnobirhting clients , i would hope you are actually feeling pretty relaxed and excited about your impending birth

BUT in the weeks after birth, many parents have often admitted ,,”we focused so much on the birth, but noone told us how hard it would be with a newborn”

If I had a nappy for every time Id heard that I’d be able to supply a hospital for an entire year.


So in true hypno-birthing form, i’ve decided to develop an extension to my hypno-birthing classes.

I believe we can utilise the same philosophy of preparing for a positive birth to parenting

When you understand what is going on wiht you and your partner and with the baby, it is easier to accept the challenges and move on, supporting each other through the tough times , accepting its not forever.

We will talk about breastfeeding (because we know a mother has a greater chance of succesfully breastfeeding her baby when the partner understands and is able to be supportive and nurturing 

We will also discuss how a newborns behaviour changes in the first few weeks and why the concept of a “good” or “bad” baby is outdated and unhelpful

I will also touch on the difficult subject of emotional wellbeing for both mum and dad in he postpartum period 

If this sounds like something you would like to come along to please book now below 

Preparing for parenting

Enrol for a one night course o what to expect in the weeks after baby arrives Many parents say the birth was the easy bit, there is so much more to learn when the baby arrives
  • This is a one night course, designed to prepare you and your partner for life with a baby. We will discuss what to expect from day one to 6-12 weeks We will talk about breastfeeding, settling, emotional health and survival tips ) We now call this time the fourth trimester , a time when baby still wnat sto be close to you) We use the same philosophy for this course as we did during hypno birthing
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