Think about it – “pregnancy management “ 

Before you pay your pregnancy management fee at 29 weeks – consider this –

Are you paying $3000 for your OBs convenience ?

Red flags that you’re OB is scheduling for his/ her convenience ,NOT your need

He/ she begins talking about booking your induction as early as 20-32 weeks when you have been super healthy

Most acceptable medical reasons for induction are NOT known that early !!

He /she talks about booking your c section well ahead of time when you’ve so far been healthy

If you required IVF ( but don’t have medical complications) many OBs will tell you you should be induced “to reduce the chance of a stillbirth”

  • firstly pulling the stillbirth card to scare a couple into submission is unethical and could be considered coercion – run a mile
  • secondly while induction rates keep rising – stillbirth rates are NOT FALLING

There is NO evidence to support inducing IVF pregnancy earlier than due date

He she begins talking about how big your baby is at 20 weeks
( baby’s size is not known until we place on the scales )

Big baby is NOT a reason to induce / book c section ahead of time

Yes , there is a risk of shoulders getting stuck in big babys, but shoulders can get stuck with just as many average size baby too

Induction of labour increases the risk of baby’s shoulders getting stuck

Restricting mothers movement in labour may affect the positioning of baby –
Freedom of movement / active labour helps reduce this risk of shoulders becoming stuck

Having an ability to plan your epidural is often used as reason to have a planned induction date


If you have an induction it is likely to be more uncomfortable than natural birth

Our latest research shows that waiting for natural labour has benefits for mum and baby ( even if the labour ends in c section)

Unfortunately the ARRIVE trial several years ago has given licence for early induction but Dr Sarah Buckley discusses why its good to wait

Waiting for your body to decide when your body and baby are ready decreases the likelihood of baby needing nursery care ,improves rates of breastfeeding  and leads to greater satisfaction of birth experience for parents

Search  “ Every week counts” to see why we should WAIT
This website demonstrates why each week has a significant impact on baby’s long and short term health

You are paying a lot of $$$ for your OBs expertise , but the biggest advantage should be swayed your way !

You should not be having unnecessary inductions to ensure you fit into their busy schedule

You should be able to wait until your body goes into natural labour ,knowing that if there are concerns that he /she ( or their backup) will be available to assist if and when needed

Pay your OB to sit on their hands and wait until your baby decides his her birthday

Why do I get so passionate about normal birth in your time? Because birth matters!

Birth can have a significant impact both physically and mentally on a woman and therefore her family

For more in-depth knowledge and power book a Hypnobirthing class ( before you pay your ?fee)


Inducing labour is also associated with risk and unfortunately, many women have been scared into induction of labour for fear of stillbirth, but have not been accurately informed of the risk of induction of labour.

Induction of labour is often associated with more discomfort, increase need for pain relieving medication and decreased mobility.

What methods are used for induction of labour ?
  • Stretch and sweep of cerix and membranes
  • Balloon catheter
  • Prostaglandin gels
  • Artificial rupture of membranes
  • Syntocinon drip
What are the risks of induction of labour
  • Baby may become distressed (which is why continuous monitoring is usually needed)
  • Increased use of pain relieving medications
  • Risk that mothers body may not respond -leading to failed induction and possibly ceasarean
HOW CAN you REDUCE the impact of indiction?
  • Aim to move around as much as possible
  • Use a birthball
  • Lean over a beanbag
  • Hop in the shower
  • Hospitals prefer to have continuous moniitorng, but ask for remote monitoring so you can stay active
  • Use your hypno-bithing techniques as they insert the gels or balloon catheter
  • Create the calm environment in the room with your hypno birthing
  • Request that the syntocinon is not increased so quick you don’t have a chance to get used to the surges
  • Ask for a room with a bath-its a great way to reduce pain

Prepare for a positive birth)induced or natural ) by being well informed.

Know your rights

Learn how to use breath work and movement to enhance your body’s ability to birth while staying calm -how?Attend a hypno birthing class and know your rights