Pregnancy and postnatal package

I love my job , Maybe ,I shouldn’t even call it a “job” – it’s almost more of a hobby .

How many people get to work the hours that suit them and have so much fun cuddling babies ?

From meeting couples at the most exciting time of their lives to watching them gain the confidence to parent THEIR baby THEIR way

I see my role in your pregnancy as supporting you in your journey – figuring out what matters most to you both and giving you the evidence to support your wishes

I love ? the opportunity to see you from early pregnacy through to 6-8 weeks after birth

No matter where you’re having your baby in Afelaide – public or provate I’m here for your family

I can’t thank Kate enough for the work she is doing. Before doing the hypnobirthing course the thought of the labor, birth and breast feeding – felt like a black hole I was too overwhelmed to think about it. But after completing the course – I felt excited at the prospect of experiencing something so special with my partner. My partner also learnt what to expect and how to support me from the course-so powerful!
We welcomed our little girl after going into labor naturally and although there were a couple of interventions along the way the midwives that worked with us were very supportive of our birth plan and even excited to watch a natural wasn’t the quietest of arrivals as after some primal vocalising I got to reach down and receive my baby. I was in shock but elated. It was amazing and I felt so proud of what my body could do. Our little girl arrived alert and ready to suckle, she knew just what to do.
Our birth story didn’t go exactly to plan but because we did the hypnobirthing course we were prepared, empowered to make informed choices and stayed in control for the pregnancy, labor and after birth care..which made all the difference to my and my bubs’ wellbeing.
Postnatal care
I was also lucky enough to have Kate for 6 weeks of post natal care and this was even more valuable, she helped with feeding, sleep and pretty much supported me with anything. Knowing she was there to guide us- helped to keep me calm, in-the-moment and in my newborn bubble. This support no doubt helped; to give us confidence as parents, us to learn to trust our instincts and let us just focus on enjoying the special bond with our girl ?