Another amazing birth story to finish the week…..
We often talk about positions to help baby’s turn when they are posterior , but it’s also good to know that baby’s CAN actually be born posterior – this mums labour position assisted her to give birth to her posterior baby

Notice also something funny
10 days late
10 minutes after 11
10 th October
In room 10 

Hi Kate

I’m so happy to share with you our hypnobirthing birth story. From 40+3 weeks I had pre labour surges each night which was tiring, but we used acupressure points, tracks and affirmations to get through them and really practised using our tools for the real labour. At 41+3 weeks I was induced by breaking membranes at 8.30am, and then sintoconin drip at 9.30am and was in established labour by 11.30am. We had hypnobirthing tracks playing in the room and blinds drawn. At 3pm my midwife checked me I was 5-6cm dilated, fully effaced but she noticed a bulge of waters near baby’s head -the first membrane rupture didn’t break through both membranes!! Once waters were released the surges intensified, I tried lots of different positions on the birth ball, bar, bed, bath and shower and at 6pm I was 8cm.
The surges were very intense at this point, but had started to slow down so the drip was turned up. Josh really helped at this point to keep me thinking positively and motivated. I felt the urge to bear down at 10pm on all fours on a birth mat and Luca James came out posterior at 11.10pm on 10/10/19 in room 10!
I had minimal blood loss and no sutures required and hot to leave hospital as a family 4 hours later.
The birth was amazing and would not have been without the skills we learnt about coping with labour without it. Thank you!!

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