Positive Birth Hypnobirthing

Love receiving these positive birth stories from my hypnobirthing clients .Many parents report that things didnt go exactly to “plan” but they know that the most important thing is that they make informed choices

Hi Kate,

Baby Quade

Just wanted to let you know of the safe arrival of our little man (sorry it took me so long, he is 6 weeks old but you know what the newborn bubble is like!).

Quade surprised us earlier than we expected him and was born on Wednesday 10th of July at 36+6 gestation. He impressed everyone with his good weight of 3.1kg and measured 49cm long. We are so lucky he didn’t require any time in the special care nursery and after 5 days in hospital we were able to come home.

Thanks to yourself and hypnobirthing we had a truly magical birthing experience. Not everything went exactly as we had hoped it would but the safe arrival of our boy was always the highest priority and that’s the outcome we got so we couldn’t be happier.