Positive birth after trauma

During my classes , we inevitably hear of a mother being told she should accept an induction because “the baby is looking big” on ultrasound .

While ultrasounds are very useful in identifying many abnormalities , they are notoriously inaccurate at predicting size .

Many practitioners will advise  inducing labour early to reduce the risk of a c-section,BUT it doesn’t always prevent c section and as you’ll read here , the baby’s are often just average sized

This second time mum requested my support through her pregnancy and birth I’m achieving her goal of a natural labour after she was induced for a supposedly big baby with her first !

After a long, traumatic induction that ended in an emergency c section with my first child in 2016, I knew I wanted a different experience for my second birth.

I spoke with Kate when my first child was very young about having a vbac for my second birth and with her knowledge and experience she was able to provide me with a lot of information.

When I became pregnant again I continued the conversation with Kate and she gave me suggestions about what I could do to increase my chances of a vbac and make my next birthing experience more positive.

One of the things Kate first suggested was hypno-birthing ,so I enrolled in the course and my husband and I attended the sessions. The sessions were great and both my husband and I got a lot out of them. During this time my husband and I also decided that it would be great to have Kate at the birth if possible and that is when we asked her to be present as a support person, which is a service she provides.

Kate was very supportive throughout my pregnancy and was always checking in with me and available to answers any questions I had. She also knows my private obstetrician so it was very helpful having two supportive providers that know each other well.

I went into labour naturally at 40 weeks 5 days and utilized the techniques from hypno-birthing to relax and breathe through the first 5 hours of contractions. After this, we decided to call Kate to attend and she arrived just as labour ramped up and I felt that it was becoming overwhelming.

Kate arrived and immediately was able to bring calm to the room and she helped immensely with breathing and relaxation techniques, pressure points to relieve the back pain and suggesting alternative positions to assist with pain and positioning of the baby.

After a quick active labour our little girl was born safely via successful vbac. The birth of my second child went very smoothly and was incredibly healing for me. I believe that all of the support and advice I received from my care providers, hypnobirthing sessions and having

Kate present assisted me in achieving my goal of not only having a vbac but staying calm as much as possible and having as little interventions as possible. I will be forever grateful to Kate for her support, knowledge and presence throughout my pregnancy, birth and post natal experience.

Mothers name withheld by request

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