Meagan Markle hypno birthing
Meagan Markle has set the scene for many fashion trends in her short time as a royal, but she is rumoured to be following the birthing “trend” set by her gorgeous sister in law Kate Middleton.
While we wait for news of the next royal arrival , speculation is that she will use the wonderful hypno birthing techniques being adopted by many mothers and fathers all over the world .
Hypno birthing is really a fancy name for positive birth . Although some sceptics fear the use of hypnosis , it’s really just a very focused state of attention , one in which mothers can become very relaxed and accept the sensations as positive signs their body is doing what it was designed to do .
Parents such as Harry and Meagan would have full confidence in their ability to birth naturally .It is therefore not surprising that Megan has kept very quiet and wanting to enjoy this time as a couple before sharing their news .
Having quiet time allows them both to be in the moment , savouring their last days as a couple and then soaking up the amazing endorphin release when their baby arrives without all the flashes of papparazzi and the crowds.
No doubt they will enjoy the time in a wonderful bubble , getting to know their new baby without outside distractions
Good on them , we can take a lot from their example
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