Too much milk disguised as too little?…
In the last week I’ve had an a number of women come and see me because they’re weary, teary and generally frustrated, they thought that they don’t have enough milk,,,,,,,baby’s always feeding, squirting explosive green poos and just not happy.
When we question further, these babies have all gained huge amounts of weight and mums got milk in abundance.
The answer has been in every case, you’ve got the quantity of milk (because where else did the weight come from , where did all that poo come ? )it’s not lactose intolerance, it’s too much of the lower fat high sugar milk and not enough of the full fat, hunger busting, sleep for three hours milk
As soon as mums have left bub on the breast for longer and in some cases one breast per feed, the baby has still gained a huge amount of weight, BUT baby sleeps better , without girgly tummy and lasts longer between feeds.
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The sad thing is, two of these mums have had a light bilbo moment when they realised that their first children each had same symptoms and they didn’t know this information, one stopped breatsfeeding, thinking she was hurting her baby, the other persevered with frequent feeding, squirts pooos and an unhappy baby for 6 months