Labour, what is it really like ?

A few weeks ago I received a request from an OB colleague to consult with a cient who really wanted to aim for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian)

Over the course of our meeting , Alice and her husband discussed their hopes and fears about a VBAc and that it was really important to Alice

She wanted to learn tools to help her achieve this goal 

We discussed hypnobirthing and how it could help her feel more confident

we talked through what happened last time and what she would prefer not to happen this time 

I spent several hours talking through the importance of undisturbed birth and a calm environment where mum feels able to let go and listen to her body 

Alice was feeling much more confident about her decision in the lead up to her birth 

When things began she felt her body take over 

A very quick birth took her and the midwives completely by surprise but she blitzed her birth and can ever talk about “the next one “

Today I went to visit her and Jakob to hear all about it 

Alice was happy for me to record her responses to help others gain confidence to aim for a VBAC 

Watch the excitement of and endorphin high she feels from a sense of achievement 

Alice’s wonderful VBaC

If you would like help to prepare for a VBAC ask your doctor for a referral to come and chat