Kate Bergamasco

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Kate Bergamasco



I began my private midwife 2012 wanting to provide breastfeeding support for new families.It soon became evident that a woman’s experience of labour had a very big impact on her breastfeeding journey..How can she attend to meeting the needs of her baby when she is still trying to process what happened during  her birth.This lead me to teach hypnobirthing.I began to recognise that so many women were being lead into interventions without an understanding of what that would be like for them and their baby..

I was often asked to visit mothers who were feeling so upset about the birth , this affected how they fed their baby..I find parents who attend a hypnobirthing class are better prepared to ask for more information before accepting interventions

Positive birth-don't leave it to chance

Your confidence is my mission

  • Provide a personalised and individualised service to women and their families as they adapt to the role of parents.
  • Empower parents, helping them adapt to their role and develop confidence and networks within their community
  • Work collaboratively and holistically with significant professionals for client wellbeing



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