Hypnobirthing Australia, Supportive caregivers Training

Date: 12/2/2020
Venue :TBC Prospect
Starts: 0900am-1500
Type: Workshops

The Hynobirthing Australia™ Supportive Caregivers Training (10 ACM CPD Recognition Hours) has been specifically designed to provide midwives and caregivers with training on how to best support hypnobirthing mothers with the user of self-hypnosis, conditioning, relaxation, breathing and visualisation.

The course contains both theoretical and practical components designed to provide students with oporunities to develop hypnobirthing techniques, knowledge, and skills. The practical component of this course is structured to provide learning experience which complement the theoretical component and assist students to develop competency.

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand how the philosophy and techniques of hypnobirthing can assist parents to achieve a positive and empowering birth experience;
  • Understanding the power of the mind/body connection, and how this can assist mothers during pregnancy and childbirth;
  • Learn how to support mothers in basic techniques used in hypnobirthing, including breathing, touch, visualisation relaxation and self-hypnosis;
  • Learn how hypnotherapy, mindset training, education and support are used to effectively prepare for natural, assisted or caesarean birth, and
  • Gain an appreciation of how the concepts and theories underpinning hypnobirthing also apply to the complex inter-relationships between health care providers, the birthing mother and birth partner, and birthing facilities.

About the Presenter

Kate Bergamasco is a privately practising midwife with 29 years experience , an award winning hypno-biirthing Australia TM practitioner (the first midwife/HBA in Adelaide ) and lactation consultant.

Kate is passionate about preparing families for the most positive birth possible and then supporting them after their birth as a midwife and LC

Hypnobirthing Australia Supportive Caregivers

http://www.myprivateMidwife.com.au/hypnobirthing-in-adelaide/ for supportive caregivers workahop
  • Midwives, OBs, GPs, Physios , Students, yoga instructors, come and discover why so many women are choosing hypno-birthing Australia classes to prepare for their birth. You'll earn 6 CPD points and learn tools to help manage stress and anxiety for your wellbeing, while understanding how you can support your own clients.
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