Hypnobub Love hearing everyones birth story, no matter which path it takes ??

Thank you for all the parents who send me their stories of how they’ve used their tools and knowledge for their birth
My husband Darren and I attended the course at Clarity in April.
Imogen May  gave us a surprise by arriving a couple of weeks early on 20/6/21 at 6.20pm, weighing 2960g and 47.5cm long.
My waters broke around 230am, we headed into hospital for a few hours then we went home, where contractions began shortly after. Returned to the WCH in the afternoon where things progressed rapidly! Was a pretty quick and intense experience, going from 3cm to fully dilated in around 1.5 hours- my breathing techniques were definitely put to use throughout! Was incredibly happy to be able to deliver her naturally, with just a bit of gas to get through the last contractions. I must admit it wasn’t quite a “quiet calm” birth- but we had our music, dim lighting and aromatherapy going which made the environment as relaxing as it could be- all the midwives commented on how nice the room was to be in!
Following the delivery and some beautiful skin to skin time, I unfortunately did retain my placenta and ended up needing to go to theatre to have it removed as well as some stitches. But it was a very uncomplicated procedure and I couldn’t be happier to have the delivery we did.
 I feel so happy and grateful we had the knowledge and skills that we did leading up to the birth, and feel sure that it helped us to make better decisions around our birth. I still to this day use my relaxation breathing and visualization on a daily basis, and just between us the breathing down technique helped a lot with the first few trips to the toilet post birth!
Our little girl is now 12 weeks old and is the light of our lives ? thanks for helping us have such an amazing experience bringing our little love into the world!
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