Hypnobirthing is hippy stuff

Oh really…

Kate made us cluck like a chicken, crazy stuff!!!

Now ,Ive got your attention?

Read about how calm and positive birth can be…

 The hypno-birthing was great. We loved the breathing techniques. We stayed at home until labour was established. We had a great time playing records, massages, showers, drinking raspberry tea, having clary sage burning, expressing colostrum, even stair runs in Stirling where we live ?we also made some biscotti for the midwives and for our parents who would visit after she was born as we are from Victoria. 4 cm when we arrived at hospital, laboured in the bath for a couple of hours then transition got the better of me for a bit and I had one dose of fentanyl which just gave me a little rest in between as I was having 5:10 and then I got back in the zone and she was born 3 hours later. Thanks so much for all your guidance and information we loved the course and it really helped us prepare.

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