Hypnobirthing induction

Hypnobirthing Australia classes are delivered with “positive birth” at the forefront !
We emphasise that sometimes interventions will be required but when parents have the knowledge we impart during the course , they can ask questions to help them appreciate why those interventions are required . As such many of our hypnobirthing Australia ?? clients will report a positive experience despite needing these interventions

This lovely baby was induced due to health conditions

But her mums found although she didn’t have the drug free birth she had hoped for , the Hypnobirthing techniques helped throughout labour and after ( to manage the sleepless nights with a newborn )

Hello Kate
…. our beautiful Sofia Ann arrived safely on 18 November! I was induced on the Thursday night prior due to gestational diabetes. They started off with Catheter at 5:30pm. By 5:30am I had only dilated 1cm. They removed this and then inserted gels. By 1pm I had only dilated 1.5cm. They then inserted the drop. Around 6pm I had my epidural but by 8pm only 2cm dilated!! Finally at 1am I had fully dilated and at 2:43am little Sofia arrived weighing 6.3 pounds at 48cm long. For me the worst part was the Catheter and length of the whole process. I cannot thank you enough for the tools you taught me!! Whilst I did not opt to have a drug free labor, the breathing techniques helped me immensely in getting through the catheter, early contractions, epidural etc. I also used the 40 step countdown so many times and have actually used it since, even when trying to get to sleep at night. Sofia is now 8 weeks and doing well. We are absolutely smitten. Whilst it iscetainly the hardest thing we have done and our bubs has reflux, we are so in love. I hope you are well and am more than happy for u to share our story. Thank you again Kate xoxo

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