Karla and Tyson attended my January Hypno birthing class 
They had to miss the final class because they were too busy putting it all into practise
Despite needing to be induced due to special circumstances, they achieved a positive and empowering birth

I often assure parents that midwives will love being in a hypno birthing birth room due to the calming music and smells.

Although we discuss the nenefits of a spontaneous onset of lbaour, we also prepare parents for the fct that at times a medical induuction my be warranted for situation when perhaps there is concern over baby's growth

Introducing Violet Slattery. Born 17th February at 7:35 pm after an 8 hour labour. She is a tiny 2.5kg (5lb10). All the strategies we learnt in your class allowed us to have a positive calm birth. All the midwives loved being in our calm environment of dimmed lights & essential oils. I didn’t have any tearing or stitches at all due to the breathing and calming techniques learnt. Tyson didn’t get a break and was doing lots of light touch massage and affirmations playing pretty much the whole time. Violet came out so calm when delivered ?


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