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What is hypnobirthing ?

  • Hypnobirthing is a type of childbirth education class which teaches parents how to achieve a very deep state of relaxation.

Why do hypnobirthing ?

  • Mothers who are knowledgeable about birth and the options available to them are more relaxed and therefore labour more easily
  • When mothers are able to calmly accept the sensations during labour, they will experience less discomfort
  • Your partner will learn how to support and advocate for your wishes through hypnobirthing.

Recent research supports the use of hypnosis in reducing anxiety and improving outcomes

How does hypnobirthing help?

  • You will learn how release your body’s natural pain relieving hormones, endorphins
  • You will  develop a positive mindset about labour as something to be embraced and enjoyed
  • You and your partner will learn about the normal birth process (or caesarian) and so you’ll leave feeling empowered and confident about your exciting journey
  • Your partner will learn techniques to support and advocate for you through your birth
  • Many couples are so relaxed and excited by the day of their baby’s birth that they take it in their stride, even when the plan changes due to unforeseen circumstances.

Our classes empower you to have a positive birth experience, irrespective of mode of birth.

Why face to face is beneficial over “online” Hypnobirthing?

  •  Usually we would always prefer face to face classes, BUT during COVID 19 we have ALL been advised to reduce social contact. As soon as practical -we WILL return to face to face classes
  • During a face to face class, all your questions will be answered and techniques explained fully
  • You have the opportunity to practice the techniques and ask questions about how to achieve deep hypnosis
What if I cant make every class?

We now have a new option 1/2 online 1/2 group class

When is the best time to start hypnobirthing?

  • Parents may choose to do classes anytime from 20 weeks of pregnancy.
  • While COVID 19 is in our midst, many parents are choosing to begin now to reduce anxiety and distress caused by the pandemic

Why choose Hypnobirthing Adelaide ?

  • You’ll receive personalized midwifery care during pregnancy and beyond
  • We are committed to addressing your concerns and fears to ensure parents feel confident in their respective roles
  • My private midwife uses Hypnobirthing Australia resources, with Australian made CDs and presentations, so they are designed with the Australian maternity system in mind
  • Studies show that mothers who have good support from a midwife during pregnancy have lower rates of interventions and greater satisfaction about their birth
  • If you require a caesarean-birth, I am qualified to offer a specific hypnobirthing course to prepare parents for a positive experience.



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YOUR BIRTH CAN BE POSITIVE (no matter which way you choose)

Note: Our practitioner reserves the right to switch to Zoom classes if COVID restrictions warrant.This will be done to protect pregnant women and their support people.

At Hypno-birthing AustraliaTM- Adelaide branch, we know that every couple deserves to feel prepared and positive for their birth no matter wether they need or require  any interventions  and no matter what your location or work situation .

We have birth preparation options to suit everyone ..

“You only get one chance at your first birth, make sure your baby’s birth day is the positive day you dream about.”

2023 CLASS Dates Prospect 

Last class for 2023 

29/11/23 and following 3 weeks 

202 CLASS Dates Prospect

Tuesday January 9th and following 3 weeks 6.30 pm

Wednesday Feb 7th and following 3 weeks 6.30 pm

Book from 20 weeks to avoid missing out[

HYPNO CLASS DATES 2023Prepare for positive birth – no matter which way that is !!

Book your classes at 20 weeks pregnant to ensure your spot

Option 1 Group /in person or via zoom class ($595)

If you are able to attend all classes in person we welcome you to our venue in Prospect-(you may also attend via zoom at short notice if unwell or just because you feel too tired to attend)

Book your class early to avoid missing out

Option 2     1/2 group in person 1/2  online ($595)

My popular half in-person/half online courses are the perfect option for FIFO and Defence families. The best of both worlds; you are able to move through the program at your own pace from home or afar and get an in person session with me.

Option 3 Full online HBA pre recorded videos  (6 hours) plus one face to face session ($350)

Suited to FIFO , defence, rural or busy parents with inflexible hours

A total online option which includes 6 hours of online content and a private Skype session (1.5 hours) with me at a time to suit you

If you have questions please CONTACT US 

Option 4 “Im having a Positive  C section” ($450)

Prepare positively for your chosen c section and you will feel supported and ready for your amazing birth)

Option 5 Welcome back RETURNING COUPLES   refresher class ($320)Included updated resource folio and recordings )

Affordable payment plans available (everyone should have this opportunity)  Save & Exit

Private health fund rebates may be available.


Access to qualified Midwife, Hypno birthing practitioner and Lactation Consultant until 6-7 weeks after birth (see my postnatal care packages)

Hypnobirthing Australia TM  resources include E book, MP3 downloads with Australian voices & a Modern folio.

In addition : Postnatal visits can be booked and paid for now

Contact us to arrange an appointment and to receive a free audio outlining the secrets behind a calm birth.

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