Hi kate 🙂 I have been meaning to let you know I had a beautiful birth on the 2nd of December, All thanks to your hypnobirthing classes! I unfortunately was induced as I was 11 days over due (little miss Willa was too comfy) but it was still a positive experience and I can honestly say I never felt pain, I would more so describe it as lots of pressure. I used the tense machine through the whole thing and my Hypnobreathing, but I think the biggest thing was my positive mindset hypno gave me and becoming passenger to my body and trusting it. In the beginning I bounced on the ball and for the second stage I sat on the toilet. I was only in active labour for 2 hours (induced at 2pm and born at 7.45pm!) and Tim and I were able to recognise when I was transitioning. I started to involuntary push, so the midwives checked me and I was 9.5cm! They could not believe it. I was Only pushing for a total for 30mins.
Willa struggled entering the pelvis and I was threatened by a doctor who came running in with an episiotomy and forcep delivery (the midwives were not happy these Drs came an interfered and assured me baby was doing fine and her heart was going back up after a contraction and telling the Drs i didn’t need it, if I wasn’t induced they wouldn’t of even known) I was cheered on by a team of amazing midwives and Tim while I pushed for dear life, birthing a healthy baby girl. A couple of the midwives said it was one of their favourite births theyve ever been at and couldn’t believe how calm I was, I was referred to as a true hypnobirther ? thank you again, we will see you for bubs #2 xx