Hypnobirthing for ceasarean

I am proud to announce that i am the first practitioner in Adelaide to be able to offer hypnobirthing for caesarean birth.

Many mothers may require or choose to have a caesarean for the birth of their baby.

The philosophy of hypnobirthing Australia is that all families are entitled to experience a positive birth irrespective of their mode of birth ,so,  we have developed a Hypnobirthing for Caesarean program specifically for mothers and partners to prepare for their caesarean birth

We know that a positive birth experiencing is imperative in promoting the emotional well being of mum and baby .In fact the benefits carry on through out childhood with positive self esteem for mums and therefore their babies

Some women will require a caesarean birth due to medical conditions with them selves or their baby

Some of these reasons might be a :

Placenta which is covering the opening to the uterus(placenta preavia)

Multiple pregnancy

Personal private circumstances

Baby distressed

Mother having an abnormally shaped uterus

Previous pelvic fracture

Infection(herpes) in vaginal area close to time of birth

and many other valid reasons

Although it may  or may not be your preferred birth, many mums and dads will benefit from attending hypnobirthing classes to help them understand the caesarean birth and to discuss  their preferences.

If you would like to learn techniques to feel calm and positive during your pregnancy and  caesarean , please contact us






If you would like to find out how you can achieve a calm and positive experience for you Caesarian , please learn what our Caesarian Hypnobirthing course includes

Click on the link to see a real life Caesarean birth