Hypnobirthing caregivers

 Are you curious about hypno-birthing?

Are you sceptical about hypno-birthing?

DO you feel slightly uneasy about how hypno-birthing mums look as though their asleep?

More and more parents are looking for alternatives to using medications in labour.

It makes sense that women who have avoided drugs throughout pregnancy and therefore don,t want to use drugs close to their babies birth,Mothers feel empowered with the knowledge they gain during classes and this makes them better able to make informed choices  affecting their birth.

Many mothers come to me reporting that they were unclear during their first birth that having an epidural was going to require them to restrict movement , have an IV and continuous monitoring.They wish they had been better informed about their options .

Hypnobirthing ensures parents have a viable option to common pain reliving methods for birth.

Wouldn’t you love to know how they achieve such deep relaxation?

Well now is your chance

Over the period of one day we will explain how and why hypno-birthing works

We will also teach you techniques for managing your own stress , because we now its an exhausting business working shift work, providing emotional support and dealing with a chaotic unpredictable work environment

We know birth can be unpredictable, we know sometimes the best birth requires highly skilled attendants , our parents are supported and cope very well with changes to their preferred birth, they’ve learnt tools to stay calm in all situations

YOU play an important role in their experience and your support is vital to their positive birth

There are limited spaces for Adelaide caregivers to find out the secrets

You’ll receive your own Folio and an Mp3 (relaxation audios)of our choice from our shop while aslo earning CPD points 


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