Hypno baby Leon

This little man almost beat the OB

Mat and Chantelle attended my hypnobirthing classes in April

they were keen to avoid an induction of labour and after finishing their course felt confident to discuss their preferences with their OB

Chantelle  utilised some natural method to bring on labour & here is her wonderful story —-

I didn’t have any Braxton Hicks, felt like period cramps that just got worse and closer together. I went to hospital at about 10.30pm, cause I was vomiting with long intense surges and was worried I wouldn’t manage in the car after. I got the bath which I used straight away to help me regulate. I took an oral tablet for the vomiting but it didn’t work so got the needle version which helped. Managed with breath work till about 1.30am, then started using nitrous to help me time my breathing. By 3.30am I was 9mm dilated and Leon was born shortly after! Everyone was very impressed how I managed and the staff was very supportive and did everything we asked ?

Skin to skin straight away, delayed cord clamp and the placenta literally came within 10min.
the OB only just made it in time