Human milk bank

We know that breast milk is the BEST source of nutrition for all babies especially premature babies

Breast milk is associated with lowered rates of obesity related illness, improved immunity, lower rates of gastroenteritis etc etc

For some mothers , maintaining and establishing a supply of expressed breastmilk is very difficult especially with the stress of a premature baby

I’ve recently been asked about human milk banks and have been doing a bit of research to discover what’s available

It seems there are some states where milk is able to be pasteurised and safely prepared for prem babies.This milk is prioritised for babies less than 37 weeks gestation because they are the babies whose immature gut may be most at risk of nonhuman milk !
Of course this technology costs money
Wouldn’t it be great to get this happening here in Adelaide ? Apparently last year the Red Cross here in Adelaide was hopeful they would be able to safely offer this service in SA

The concept of sharing breastmilk is not a new one as it seems through history women who couldn’t or didn’t want to breastfeed would hire wet nurses to feed their baby.iin the 1940s . Apparently it was common  practise to share breastmilk for bottling to babies of mothers who couldn’t produce enough.Fortunately today we know a lot more about human lactation and can support many women to increase their milk supply through correct attachment and non scheduled feeding patterns.

More recently there are numerous women sharing breastmilk on a less formal basis. This is a lovely concept but mothers can’t be guaranteed  about how the milk is stored, what viruses/bacteria may be present and wether the donating mum may have been exposed to medications affecting the safety and quality of the milk. Mothers have been accepting the records of maternal blood tests to satisfy their concerns although this may not be completely reliable way of screening .Some departments consider that human milk may need to be screened in a simalr way to human blood or tissue to reduce the risk of transferring infection , contaminants or toxins .

I’m certainly no expert on milk banking but can certainly help support mothers who may be struggling with maintaining their supply of milk 
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