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Healing birth

Stacey and Dave

healing birth story right?

i find often when second timers come to my classes , it’s because things weren’t how they expected first time around and they want some tools to manage better second time around 

During classes they often identify that they didn’t know how much they didn’t know first time and feel so much more confident after learning the techniques we teach 

Hi Kate sorry this has taken me so long.
William David O’Brien born Wednesday 10/5/17 0712 8lb 10oz.
Went into natural labour early hours of Wednesday morning.
Tue we had bloods done to check my platelet levels if they were falling I was going to be induced on Wednesday morning. Tue night we were told not for induction until friday.
2am Wednesday surges became strong 3min apart, midwife came to the house at 4 I was 3cm due to GSB we decided to go into the birth center.
5am got to the birth centre. 645 begged for an epidural ? as they were back back I was in water but I found it too cold (I like my baths really hot), My midwife checked me and was 5cm, 650 waters broke, 7am walked to a different room and my body took over and started pushing him out without me having to. All I did was go with it and all I could do was focus/zone in on my midwife who couched me through it without pushing. Than 0712 he was born.

I tore but was able to do skin to skin and breastfeed straight away,

A huge thankyou to you. I/we don’t think could have done it without your classes and you constant help.

Thank you again.

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