F A Q s midwifery care

Frequently asked questions about midwifery care


  • Why would I see a midwife during my pregnancy? Many parents are scared about labour!Midwives are highly skilled professionals whose role is to provide emotional and physical care for women throughout pregnancy and  until your baby is 6 weeks old,A midwife will help you develop an individualised plan of care
Every woman needs a midwife

Midwives are the experts in normal pregnancy and birth

  • But doesn’t my doctor do all that? YES but midwives have more time allocated to answer your questions and provide emotional and practical support in care of a newborn baby.Research shows mothers who see a midwife during pregnancy have fewer interventions

Conception till 6 weeks

  • I suffer from anxiety and depression,Can a midwife support my emotional health during pregnancy ? Yes this is what a midwife specialises in, she knows that many mums these days fear pregnancy and birth and she will answer all your questions.If you require additional support she will help you arrange a suitable care plan


  • Why would i need to see a midwife if Im already seeing an OB? Because your midwife is the one who gives you all the knowledge about birth whether you choose natural or caesarian .Research also shows women who also see a midwife are more aware of the risk/benefits of choices during pregnancy and birth
Babys descent through birth

Pelvis baby

  • Can i see a private midwife and a private OB?YES, in fact many women report much higher rates of satisfaction when they see a private midwife


  • Isn’t it expensive to attend private childbirth classes? Medicare rebates are available for midwifery care with an eligible midwife.The benefits in terms of your emotional wellbeing and enjoyment of your baby are priceless.


How do I arrange a consult with a midwife? Contact us  for a no obligation appointment