Couple time


Last month I wrote about the emotional struggles that dads can suffer with becoming a new parent. I also write about common postnatal feelings that mums struggle with.


A common concern with couples is the loss of connection they feel when a new baby comes into their lives.


The spontiniety they experienced as a couple is often near impossible. Baby sitters need to be booked , feeds planned for and tiredness often makes a night out seem hard work


But this is a time when you need to balance your relationship with your baby’s needs. It helps to know that this stage passes all too quickly.

Parents manage best when they work as a team , when they understand each others fears and needs.IT often helps to write down agreed jobs each will do so that neither needs to remind eachother.


It might be that your dinners at a restaurant are replaced with a favorite takeaway dinner in and maybe a movie(if you can stay awake long enough) Allowing you to enjoy time together with baby without the extra time to prepare and clean up after a meal.


IT might be on weekends you plan to go for a walk along the river or beach and a coffee at a nice café.


IT might be you invite some friends from your childbirth ed class to come and share the joys and trials. Often hearing how everyone else is struggling brings shared laughs and relief .

If you would like to discuss your familys emotional health please contact me