Blissful Baby

Congratulations, your pregnant

Now that you’ve seen that double line in the pregnancy stick and cried tears of disbelief and hopefully happiness , you’ll no doubt be wondering where to from here

The first point of contact is often your Gp who will ask of you have private cover “which OB would you like to see ?” Your response may be a shrug of the shoulders and who do you suggest doctor or you may have some tips from friends

But just because your Gp went to medical school with this OB pr your friend love bed him or her , doesn’t mean that is the best choice for you

Before seeing your Gp , think about what sort of birth you want

Do you prefer the natural approach to life ?

Are you fit and healthy ?

Do you like to feel empowered and able to choose with a sound knowledge base behind you ?

Well it may be that you would be best looking for a mode of care and a care provider whose philosophy aligns with yours!

Don’t assume that all Obs are supportive of natural birth

Some advertise on their website all the advantages of a planned Csection or induction at a time to suit you! If you want a planned birth and are aware of the downfalls , then that may be the best option for you

But if you are of the mind set that pregnancy and birth should be as natural and intervention free as possible then you may want to enquire about practitioners who will respect and actively short your choice !

Many women are now looking for midwifery led Care from a private midwife or public hospital group practise

The philosophy of midwives is that childbirth is normal and that we should support families to achieve a natural birth ( while also being on the lookout for any signs that the mother or baby are becoming less reassuring )

While public care is free to Australian citizens , private health are does attract sometimes large out of pocket expenses

As well as an OB you will also have to pay for a paediatrician and an anaesthetist if you need an epidural or a Csection

These out of pocket expenses may be over $3000-5000 depending on your care provider