Choose your doctor according to your preferences

There are many questions you need to ask your doctor before you pay your management fee.Once you’ve paid your fee you may still be able to receive a refund if your not satisfied with your choice but you may have limited options if you wish to change doctors closer to your due date.

It is absolutely imperative that you feel able to ask as many questions as possible to feel comfortable that your chosen obstetrician will honour your preferences .There may be situations when interventions are required but you shouldn’t feel coerced or scared into a choice which may not be in your best interest long term

Some examples of questions to ask your obstetrician early in your pregnancy :

What is your Caesarian rate?
Some women will need an emergency Caesarian section due to complications with placenta ( eg placenta praevia or placenta not functioning leading to baby becoming distressed) severe hypertension which can be harmful for mum and baby and several other reasons.

A practise which has a high Caesarian rate ( 50 percent raises alarm bells)will often say it’s “the women’s choice”, but proceed to ” sell” the option to their women. Many women wouldn’t choose an elective Caesarian if they knew the associated risks to both mum and baby.Longer recovery, decreased opportunity to breastfeed, infection, haemorrhage and increased likelihood of a repeat section next time.Some doctors will consider a vaginal birth after one Caesarian but less likely after two.

How long after my due date are you prepared to wait before induction? ( having an induction increases our chances of needing pain relief as the artificial,oxytocin used does not encourage the bodies natural pain relieving ability.)

What is your opinion on inductions at 37weeks.? This is a trick question, if the answer is ” yes, we would be more than happy to bring labour on early, so you can plan the date” BUT baby’s know when their ready to be born and being induced before the due date increases chances of feeding difficulties, read mission to hospital , etc etc.If his/ her eyes light up at the thought of a mum who wants to PLAN an early birth, find another one who assures you babies are born when their ready ( with some exceptions of medical conditions)

Will you support my desire to aim for a drug free birth? (Although you may have a desire to go drug free , it is hard to stick by your wishes if your caregivers do not support your desires or undermine your choices by promoting induction of labour)

Do you support Hypnobirthing? ( if you are taking the time to attend Hypnobirthing classes you need to be supported in your choices by your caregivers) If they laugh it off or are critical you might take that as an indication that they may not support your wishes.

Can you recommend a Paediatrican who will support my wish to breastfeed?

Does your back up obstetrician provide the same support for a drug free birth? It’s great to choose an ob who supports your choices but sometime they may be off on the weekend you go into labour, you want to be confident that their reliver has the same philosophy as you and your chosen doctor)

You may also like to review their website, if it focuses on Caesarian sections and interventions, they may be insidiously sending the message that they prefer timed surgical births or induction of labour ( which works best for their lifestyle but not for yours)

Above all , go with your gut, if you feel uncomfortable asking questions now, how will you feel when you are 37 weeks pregnant and trying to negotiate waiting for natural labour .You are the client, your paying a lot of money and you seek guidance from professionals but birth is normal for most women so shop around for the care provider who welcomes questions and answers them openly and honestly.

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