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Several months ago an antenatal/Hypnobirthing couple asked me to be their midwife for birth.

I couldn’t go to the birth as a midwife as I don’t have hospital credentialing so we discussed attending as her “birthsupport”

This little Bub held off for his perfect birthday, 1 week after his guess date , his mum texted me to announce things were starting
She arrived at the hospital several hours later having 3 minutely surges and breathing calmly. I decided it was appropriate to stay .

As the hours went by my lovely couple calmly breathed through surges. We created the most wonderfully relaxing environment with music playing, oils infusing , bathing, showers , back rubs , hip swaying , hip squeezes , lotus flower scripts etc.etc

It was a long night explained by bubs wanting to look upward instead of down.Baby eventually turned after mum adopted different positions. Finally at 0430 the following day a beautiful ( not so little) man arrived into his very alert and energised parents arms

It was actually one of the highlights of my career to be able to support a couple through their labour without needing to meet the organizational and legal duties as a midwife . For the first time in my career I was able to just watch in awe and support physically and mentally throughout the entire labour.
Particularly enlightening was how despite the long and sometimes difficult circumstance babies heart rate never changed , I attribute this to : natural onset of labour , calm mum, breathing techniques and mum avoiding lying on her back for any length of time
It was such an honour to be there for such an amazing couple
We were so well supported though by a dedicated and experienced midwifery colleague who watched from the sidelines but provided for myself and the dad with regular snacks and drinks , (THANKYOU Rula )

We also had the most amazing OB who I work with , who also completely respected and supported the birth preferences.(THANKYOU Jeff )

Now I can honestly say to our clients who choose to hypno-birth that we respect their wishes well!
The support of caregivers is so important , please choose wisely , make sure your caregivers have the same philosophy of birth as normal ( although as you all know we emphasise that there are sometimes special circumstances which require help)
Please contact me if you’d like to know how I can support you!

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