Hello Kate,

I wanted to share with you the birth of our little son Artie James Mavratzas he was born on the 12/12/2019 at 12:14am

On Wednesday at around 3:30amI woke up and had lost my mucus plug. I felt a bit of pressure in my stomach but nothing crazy. I had an Appt with Jeff in the morning at 8:30am.  He did a scan and looked over, but said labour could still be a week away or could come soon.

I then went home and continued on with my day cleaning the house, putting up the Christmas tree, etc.
At around 4:30pm I started getting period like cramps and pressure in my stomach / lower back but still didn’t think anything of it. I told a girlfriend and she said it sounded like the beginning of labour but I still wasn’t sure, she told me to download a contractions application and just time them to see.
The pains were happening sporadically and lasting for around 1 minute. When the cramps would occur I was using the hypnobirthing breathing technique to get through the pain. The pain was there but it wasn’t too intense.
Nick then said he thought I should call Calvary to check so I did and explained what was occurring. The midwife advised it sounded like pre-labour and to call back if the pains were happening every 3 minutes.  From 7pm – 11pm the pains started intensifying but I continued to using all my hypnobirthing techniques such as watching a movie, hot showers, wheat pillow, walking through each 1 minute of pain, breathing technique, aromatherapy oils, affirmations. Nick was making sure I focused on my breathing with each pain. We still weren’t sure if it was labour or ore labour and as it got worse I thought I’d start timing the pains, for half hour they were coming every 3 minutes and we decided to call Calvary back. They didn’t think I was in labour by said to come in for an assessment.
We arrived at the hospital at 11:30pm, and the pains were quiet extreme by this stage with the urge for me to go to the toilet, I felt constipated. The midwife got me to get onto a bed straight away and wanted to do an internal assessment.
She did the internal and I was 10cm dilated and the head was there! They could not believe it and the fact I was so calm.
The waters then broke naturally and they called Jeff to come down but as the pains were intense I had the urge to push and begin. I pushed for a total of 30 minutes and our baby Artie was born at 12:14am. Jeff missed the birth as it happened so quickly and I had the birth completely drug free!
It was an absolutely incredible experience and everyone keeps saying your so lucky that is such a quick labour and I say, I don’t think it’s luck…it’s call hypnobirthing!
Thank you,