Calm birth Adelaide

Would you like to have a calm natural birth which you can look back on in years to come and say “i loved my baby’s birth day”?

Well you and your partner can prepare for a calm birth Adelaide, by attending hypnobirthing classes

In my classes, you will learn about how your body can calmly anticipate your birth with confidence and clarity.

You will learn how to retrain your subconscious mind so that any fears or reservations about birth are replaced with positive anticipation.

Parents who are keen to have a drug free birth will find out how the power of suggestion(pregnant mums are very susceptible to suggestion) can be used in a positive manner.

You will find out how to let any negative comments about birth slide off , like water off a ducks back.

Mums and dads leave classes feeling excited and confident and don’t let the comments of others influence how they feel

The techniques you learn are beneficial for mums ,dads and the unborn baby, all of you  will become relaxed during mums practice sessions.

The benefits for mums and babies of hypnobirthing is that they are less reliant on medications which may affect how the two bond after birth.

Parents are better informed so that they can make choices which can influence outcomes (for example unneccessary induction of labour has a greater chance of mums requesting epidural pain relief) so mums might choose e to avoid induction of labour  unless there are special circumstances

If you are interested in research in hypnobirthing you can find an article written by a local anaesthetist

There are a number of different options for a calm birth Adelaide.

Our hypnobirthing classes are run over a period of 4 weekly sessions.At each session you will learn about the philosophy of hypnobirthing and about normal labour in great detail. Dads report feeling very informed and knowledgeable and mums report that their partners gave them amazing support throughout the birth and the lead up. Some similar classes present parents with a folder and a quick one on one session but our package relies on face to face to ensure parents receive a comprehensive understanding and opportunities to practise guided relaxation techniques

Even mums who are planning a Caesarian can benefit from Hypnobirthing classes, we now have a special Hypnobirthing class for Caesarian available now
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