Burnside Hospital Antenatal classes

Mothers who are intending to give birth at Burnside Hospital have the option to attend their  Prenatal classes

Hospital prenatal classes spend approximately 6-8 hours focusing on signs of labour, medications for labour and side effects.They also inform parents about possible interventions , induction, caesarian etc.

Why do hypno birthing ?

Those mothers who are keen to learn more about natural childbirth without drugs have the option to attend hypno birthing classes privately with My Private Midwife.

Our classes spend 12 hours reinforcing positive birth and informing parents how they can increase chances of normal empowered birth

Hypno birthing classes focus on the fact that birth is the most normal function for the female body.

We focus on teaching relaxation techniques which help both parents feel knowledgeable and empowered. 

Through either a full day or 4 weekly sessions you and your birth partner will learn how the body releases the very hormones a mother needs to remain calm and comfortable throughout birth.

You will learn how hypnosis can allow you to feel more relaxed than youv’e ever felt

You and your partner will have the tools for a positive birth (even if circumstances change during birth)

We discuss how important it is for mums to feel empowered and safe during birth

Classes are held in our comfortable and modern rooms every month