Breastfeeding instincts

   – why is something so natural so hard ?

Breastfeeding is natural ,it’s meant to be THE BEST food for your baby ?, it has all the best fats and proteins and it’s easily digested . It also helps babies fight infection and mums to bond with their precious bundles .

But despite its many benefits , our rates of breastfeeding are never reaching the numbers we would like to achieve nationally .

Why has it become so difficult ?

Why do so many mums struggle beyond six weeks ?

Why do so many mums struggle with pain , supply issues and mastitis ?

The answer to these questions can be answered when you think of a mother in a third world ? country

Imagine a mother who has no breastfeeding or sleep training book or clock to look at , no special “feeding” pillow , no special “feeding” / rocking chair and limited number of care providers to become confused with .

What will a mother in a third world country do when her baby cries ? She will no doubt follow her instincts , she will keep putting her baby to the breast , she won’t worry about a routine she’s read about , she won’t clock watch , she won’t place her baby on a feeding pillow or into a bassinet . She won’t try to restrict the frequency of feeding because no one else is watching and questioning her constantly about why her baby feeds so frequently.

Because she is feeding when her baby cries , her baby will regulate the supply of milk , she will feed her baby until he falls  asleep ( next to her or on her ) and so her breasts won’t become painfully full because she is feeding when the baby needs it ! Her other breast will most likely leak while she feeds because she may not be wearing a constricting bra .

She’s not worrying about why her baby feeds after 2-3 hours and question why her friends baby sleeps through the night .

She most likely also hasn’t had a narcotic pain relieving medication during or after her birth and so her baby is alert and feeds often from birth .

Every day I receive calls from mothers who are having difficulty with feeding . It doesn’t matter where they’ve had their babies , a common theme is that they’ve been told different information by so many difficult staff .

Some have said don’t feed for longer than x time on one side , others have read books that have told them to start a routine as soon as baby is born “ or you’ll make a rod for your back” .

Mothers are inundated with innaccurate and unhelpful , often detrimental advice .

Many mums are resorting to seeing a range of practitioners whose knowledge of breastfeeding is limited .

Mothers assume that a GP , osteopath, chiropractor, paediatrician or obstetrician are well versed in breastfeeding ? knowledge .

Unfortunately unless the practitioners have decided to do additional study into Lactation , DON’T learn about breastfeeding as part of their  degree.

equally some lactation consultants have been able to achieve their qualification without having completed any nursing or medical degree and may NOT be regulated by our Australian health regulation AHPRA .

When engaging a lactation consultant , you are within your rights to ask about their other qualifications to ensure they are the best fit for you and that they have the ability to analyse evidence

If you are having difficulty with your feeding journey please contact me