Beth and Rian’s wonderful birth

Beth and Rian excitedly and calmly welcomed their adorable baby boy this month.They attribute their positive birth to hypno birthing and flinders medical centre midwives

Meagan Markle hypno birthing

Megan Markle has set the scene for many fashion trends in her short time as a royal, but she is rumoured to be following the birthing “trend” set by her gorgeous sister in law Kate Middleton.

Your baby and body working together

Your baby and body working together One of the mantras we repeat throughout hypno-birthing classes  is that you baby and body work together. Although we all know that birth is natural and women have been giving birth for hundreds of years , we seem to doubt your...

Hypno birthing induction

Karla and Tyson attended my January Hypno birthing class They had to miss the final class because they were too busy putting it all into practise Despite needing to be induced due to special circumstances, they achieved a positive and empowering birth I often assure...

Hollys positive birth story

Hi Kate, I am absolutely delighted to say that Adeline Rose Currie was born last Tuesday 29/01/2019. She is perfect and we are both healthy and happy!  We were very lucky to have the most amazing birth - and grateful to hypnobirthing! I needed no drugs, there was no...

Tongue tie Adelaide

Tongue tie Adelaide, a topic currently dividing healthcare professionals and parents.Many who have had it done swear by it, but equally many say they wouldn’t do it again.Currently there is not good quaity research to support the lasering of “posterior tongue tie” and in fact the term isnt based on research itself

Hypnobirthing Australia, Supportive caregivers Training

Hypnobirthing Australia, Supportive caregivers Training         Next workshop   Date: 26th October 2018 (please contact us if this date doesnt suit ) Venue :Clarity Massage, 58 Melbourne St, North Adelaide Starts: 1000am Type: Workshops The Hynobirthing Australia™...

Preparing for parenting

Parenting is rewarding but challenging.It often comes as a shock to new parents , that the birth was comparatively easy to life wiht your beloved newborn baby.So, i’m offering a preparing for parenting class to ease the shock

Congratulations, your pregnant

Congratulations your pregnant, now what, where do you go, who should you see, do you need an OB, which hospital?
SO many questions, but the first one should be “what is your philosophy of birth?

Hypno dad story

Many dads are sceptical about hypnobirthing, but once they attend and see how informative classes are, they are totally on board