Baby shower gift voucher

We all know how hard it can be bringing a baby home for the first time

Adapting to life with a newborn is emotionally and physically draining.

There are so many questions to ask and many mums go home so early before they’ve established feeding.

Luckily there are private midwifery services able to provide care in the home or in a private clinic.

This help can be the difference between a mother breastfeeding or not !
It can also ensure her emotional wellbeing is monitored.
Most new mums struggle with breastfeeding in the first 6 weeks after leaving hospital .
Some may have sore nipples , over supply or a very unsettled unhappy baby.

1 in 5 new mums will struggle with emotional disturbances after having a baby . Early detection and support form a qualified midwife can make a big difference to her recovery and return to normal self .

If you know someone who’s having a baby avoid the old fashioned basket of rarely used baby products( so many horrible additives in them anyway)

Instead why not give them
a voucher for some professional support before or after having their baby.
This will be a gift they’ll benefit from emotionally and physically

My private midwife offers support for mums during pregnancy and after birth with breastfeeding support , emotional and sleep issues (and hypnobirthing classes)

You can purchase a gift voucher for any amount and the new mum can choose how and when she uses it .

Why not join in with other family or friends to make sure the new mother is well supported during the early weeks.

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