Am I REAALLLY pregnant? What now ?

 If you’re newly pregnant you’ll no doubt be feeling a mixture of excitement and trepidation about pregnancy

ON the one hand you’ll hopefully be feeling excitement if it was a planned pregnancy but on the other you may be feeling worry about whether you really are pregnant.

I remember when i first did a pregnancy test , the second line was so faint I thought i was imagining it, I stuffed it in my luggage and kept looking back at it trying to see if it got stronger , the next day I did another , then another, and then finally decided to go for a blood test because I was in disbelief

Apparently ,IT’S NOT unusual for first timers to take a handful of home pregnancy test before finally believing they are truly pregnant.

Its not long before some of the signs of pregnancy help to affirm the presence of a growing human inside.Again you

The sore breasts, the queasiness on waking , tiredness, weird food aversions and a heightened sense of smell all serve as gentle reminders

By the same token some women never experience any nausea in early pregnancy

During this time, many couples keep this a secret to themselves, often waiting until 12 weeks when most pregnancies are thought to be viable before sharing their news

During the first few weeks, women often attend a GP for confirmation of pregnancy and for referral to pregnancy care specialists

Traditionally GPs have referred women with private cover to private OBs for their pregnancy care

Another option is now available for women who would like the benefit of developing a close relationship with a midwife, someone who will be available to spend time answering questions, assessing your emotional wellbeing and preparing you for pregnancy and birth and parenting

Women who don’t have private care may choose public hospital care with the option of midwifery group practice

Those who don’t get into a midwifery group practice may also choose a private midwife who may well have a Medicare provider number enabling visit to be claimed partly from Medicare.

You have the choice of being attended by your private midwife as a private patient or you may choose to attend as a public patient and be cared for in labor by the hospital staff. Your private midwife can take over your care after discharge from hospital

This option has become available since Maternity services review in 2010 found that all women should have access to continuity of care form a known midwife.

If you would like to know more about a private practicing midwife option, please contact us