Alfies Positive Birth

Alfie Andrew muller born 14/12/21 due date 12/12/21

Weight 3.5kg length 50cms head

First time mum

It’s a boy ?

My first birth and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect birth everything went just how I wished  and thanks to our hypnobirthing course with Kate we felt well prepared and full of so much knowledge and it felt less daunting as we went in not so blind sided about birth

Hypnobirthing totally changed our outlook on birth

We chose to go private for our first birth

We started Kate’s hypnobirthing classes at about 33 weeks, a friend had highly recommended it so I finally joined up and felt so excited to start

I really wanted to have a natural birth and avoid inductions and no epidural and as little drugs as possible

I literally got all my wishes ?

I started maternity leave a month out and I made sure to listen to my hypno birth tracks every morning before I got out of bed I practiced my breathing techniques I also listened to so many birth podcasts and I started to

switch my brain from feeling scared of birth to excited for birth

Proud dad moment

I prepared affirmation cards and photos and my scan photos that would fill me with that oxytocin release

My husband Matty was so well prepared to and realised he actually plays a huge role in the birth

So here we go….on Sunday night 13/12 after having Thai green curry take away I spent all night and then the Monday with diarrhoea and vomiting I thought I had food poisoning but turns out it was my body getting prepared for labour

I remember saying to my husband Monday I really hope I don’t go into labour as I had no food in me and had no energy at all

So I’d spent 24 hrs unwell

Got into bed Monday night the 13th at 11:30pm and had three like Brexton hick pains in a row I got up and went out to the lounge to my husband and said I think it’s starti


I went to the toilet and I lost my mucus plug I then had this urge to rush round the house organising things I had always thought oh I’ll labour at home for ages and try and avoid induction that way by staying home as long as possible but then midnight hit and bam my contractions started

I got in the shower and had the water running on my back while Matty timed my contractions they got pretty intense really fast he said to me I think you should get out the shower

And luckily he did because I probably would have got to comfy in their And then i probably would have been having a baby in the car !

We moved to our room and in the mean time Matty rang my student midwife to fill her in and rang the hospital

I’d told them I had done hyonobirthing they said it’s always more comfy to labour at home so see how you go and give us a call back

I’d got my gym ball and put it up on our bed and stood at the end of the bed flopped over it having contractions I had intense pain in my back and front

Matty got a heat back which helped take my mind off the pain

I remember saying to myself it’s ok I get a break through each surge so I’d breath through them but I was like frantically breathing and Matty kept reminding me breath in through your nose for 4 and out through your nose

He did the light touches massage

The pain was just so intense though but I’d breathe through them then get my break and then flop and relax

By 12:30/1am my surges were getting intense and by this stage I couldn’t talk through them and I had so much pressure and felt an urge to push I was having 5 contractions in ten mins by this stage

my husband rang the hospital back and they suggested to come in as we had a half hour drive to get to Calvary hospital

So 1:30a

m hit and we were all packed and in the car

I couldn’t believe how quick the time went from starting contractions at midnight to leaving at 1:30am so continued having intense surges in the car We got to the hospital by 2am i got out the car and had a contraction leaning on the car

Then waddled across the road to the hospital

I remember looking up and their was this massive tree by the entrance all lit up with fairy lights it was so beautiful

We got inside and my lovely midwife put us into the labour suite we had also filled her in on the phone that we had done hyonobirthing  my husband was about to get all my hyonobirthing things I’d prepared like my tens machine fairy lights music photos ect out but then their was no time for any of it

I went to the toilet and bam my waters broke 2:15am on the toilet then my midwife asked if it’s ok to check me so after a few contractions over the gym ball on the bed I managed to get on the bed and my midwife couldn’t believe it but I was 10cm dilated she was so calm and asked the other midwife to ring my Obstetritian and I said to my husband to ring our student midwife but unfortunately she didn’t make it

My midwife then asked how I wanted to birth

I said not on my back as it shuts your pelvis off so she suggested putting the back of the bed up and then getting up on my knees and leaning up over the back of the bed whilst on my knees

My husband was right by me and was constantly putting wet face washers on my fore head and neck and the midwife put heat packs tucked into the straps on my back for the monitoring

My Obstetritian rocked up and I was breathing through my surges he was bouncing on the gym ball at the end of the bed laid back as Obstetritian

He was really good guiding me to push my hips back and push into my bum

So it was time to start pushing i now had to go from breathing through surges to holding my


breath and pushing I remember clenching my husbands hand so hard and looking at him completely exhausted but I kept picturing him holding his baby for first time and feeling so much love

After an hour of surges and pushing our baby boy Alfie arrived at 3:48 my ob passed him up through my legs and here he was

We didn’t know what we


were having and we actually forgot to check straight away but their he was our lil boy the midwife had spoke to me prior about that she likes to get mums to do skin to skin straight away which is exactly what we wanted so Alfie was on me straight away for two hours and it was so amazing he straight away suckled down to my nipple and fed on me for 75 minutes

It was just so surreal that this little baby knew where to go

My ob did delayed cord cutting without us even having to ask

I ended up having the syntocinon needle to help my placenta come out had to get some stitches as well

And their we were showered and leaving our labour suite pushing my baby in his crib up to our room by 6:30am after arriving at the hospital at 2am it was so surreal

My birth was so so quick I was not expecting it at all but as much as it was intense it was sondoable and I had faith in my body that it will do what it’s meant to do naturally

I couldn’t have asked for a better perfect birth it went exactly how I had hoped

Drug free and no interventions and as much as we didn’t get time to use all my hypnobirthing things Id prepared we were so glad we had done the course as we learnt a wealth of knowledge about birth and inductions and felt like I could confidently advocate for myself

Highly recommend everyone to do Kate’s course

It completely changed our perception on birth We went in excited instead of scared