If there’s one warning that should come with Hypnobirthing it’s that you might be so relaxed you or others don’t believe you’re in active labour yet!

Just take my beautiful client Bec for example – what a story!

“I started feeling what I thought were surges around 8am, and soon realised they were coming in 6 minute waves! I called my husband Matt around lunchtime but we left him at work assuming things would be a while. 

We called the hospital when he got home at 3ish and they said to come in just to see. When we got there they said they could see that yes the contractions were coming but that they would be sending us home as they thought I looked too comfortable. That was until they realised I was 6cm dilated!

Our OB got called in at about 12.30am. I spent over two hours pushing due to Jasper facing sideways. Eventually I was exhausted and bub started to get tired too and have a slow heart rate. So we finished up with the suction cup as a bit of help! 

He was born at 3.11am weighing 3.11kg!

I used only the bath and a tens machine. I didn’t have any pain meds the whole way through so recovery was quite good. I’m so stoked with how we all went!”

Birthing your baby doesn’t have to be the dramatic, expletive-laden event you see in the movies… you can be calm, you can surrender and tune into your body, and it can be sooo positive.