You’ve been waiting for nine months for this baby and now that you’ve hit the 9 month mark you feel as though every day is an eternity. Those around you encouragingly ask how much longer , wanting to share your frustration but really just adding to your feelings.

It’s important to remember that a baby can often need until 42 weeks to be fully mature and that unless there have embeen any concerns about your baby , he is the best one to decide his birthday

It’s hard for mums to accept this but, when they wait through those last few days they are often allowing their baby to fully mature , ensuring the ba air a tin is well developed and rest for all the changes brought about by the outside world 

For mums it’s a great chance to finally prepare mentally and physically for the birth , Enjoy the last few days without needing to attend to crying or feeding.

It’s almost as if your baby is making you wait as long as possible to build up the suspension for his impending arrival 

Make the most of your last chance to read , rest , relax and sleep undisturbed 

Its often tempting to ask for an induction but unless medically indicated , nature is best left alone .