Pregnancy Anxiety

Life – the thing that happens while you’re busy making other plans.

Birth – the one experience that movies or people love to scare the stuffing out of newly expecting parents as downright torture. My introduction to this was in the waiting room of the WCH eagerly awaiting the birth of my second niece…only to hear my sister the other end of the ward screaming ? Get this thing out of me…NOW!!?.


Fast forward 13 years later to early 2016, after undergoing IVF due to PCOS, the hubby and I were stoked to find out that we were pregnant. For anyone who has been through or knows someone
who has gone through IVF it is intensely emotional, intrusive, physically stressful and just plain


After experiencing a threatened miscarriage 12 weeks, my anxiety was through the roof. This was
when our OB recommended that we try Hypnobirthing. Yep my thinking was Hypno-what-now?? Isn? t that something only that hippies do? Although sceptical we decided to give it a go. Through the 4 weekly sessions with Kate, we learned the ins and outs about pregnancy and birthing (which is great for a L plate parent) but also that birthing could be a positive and calm experience.


Kate taught us a variety of ?tools? such as affirmations, aromatherapy, touch massage and
visualisation that would equip us for the remainder of the pregnancy, but for birthing and beyond. She stressed the importance of practice, but to also view these tools as part of a toolkit noting that we may use only one or all of them throughout our individual birthing journeys.

Although we had planned for a natural birth, as life does we were thrown a curveball. At our 38-
week check-up, we discovered that I had developed pre-eclampsia and were booked for induction at 2am the next morning.

Our birthing day was physically and emotionally challenging due to medical complications. After 17 hours of minimal progress we faced the possibility of a c-section. I?d be lying if I said that I didn’t
have moments of stress and doubt. Thankfully, about 20 minutes before that decision we finally had our bubs crowning. The next 30 minutes will be something I won’t forget too soon.


Although challenging this was where we really utilised our ?toolkit?, with lemongrass diffuser, affirmations & music playing and the hubby applying touch massage I could focus on that final stage of preparing to meet bubs. A nurse later told me that she found it hard to believe I was in established labour.
On Wednesday 4 January at 6:15pm our precious bundle Joshua Paul made his calm entrance into the world…no scream…just chilled as. And like every parent we couldn’t be more in love!

In closing, my biggest takeaway from this whole journey and experience is that it is possible to have a positive and calm birth even if things don?t go to plan…even for a sceptic like me. I wanted to write this to encourage you that hypnobirthing can totally change your birthing journey.

Thank you, Kate, not only did we have a beautiful birthing day…but the hubby got away without
having a TEMS machine attached to his man-parts! ?
Many thanks – the Tovo family xx

.. if you are struggling with pregnancy anxiety  or concern over birth  contact me to find out how I can support you through this time