Do you know that attachment is to breastfeeding as location is to real estate?

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Do you know that attachment is to breastfeeding as location is to real estate?

Just as real estate agents sprout location, location location is the key to successful investing in property, attachment, attachment, and attachment is the key to successful breastfeeding.

If your baby doesn’t attach correctly, then the result can be sore nipples, engorged (very full) breasts and low milk supply. All of these naturally affect your enjoyment of feeding and your baby.

If your nipples are sore, please make sure your midwife checks that baby is attached correctly.

As you can see from this image , when baby is attached correctly the nipple is positioned where the hard and soft palate join.The babys lips are flanged out and the bottom lip is at the bottom of the areola


We know that the chances of breastfeeding successfully are enhanced by women receiving an information session in the final weeks of pregnancy  and offering the breast within the first hour after birth.

This session should address attachment technique, recognising when baby is attached correctly, how the breasts make milk and the changes in the breast milk in those early days and weeks.

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  1. I was lucky enough to meet Kate as my midwife during the labour of my son. Being a first time mum I felt very daunted being home with my new baby and decided to use Kate’s postnatal services. I came across many difficulties learning to breastfeed and was very close to thhrowing in the towel. With Kate’s help we managed to overcome these problems and now at 11 weeks we are still feeding and showing no signs of stopping any time soon. Kate is such a lovely person and an amazing midwife with a wealth of knowledge. Without her I would not be feeling as confident being a mum as I do now.


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