Congratulations, your pregnant

Congratulations your pregnant, now what, where do you go, who should you see, do you need an OB, which hospital?
SO many questions, but the first one should be “what is your philosophy of birth?

Hypno dad story

Hypno dad story Hi Kate  Before the course, pregnancy and labour was a bit of a mystery and i wasn't particularly engaged in the pregnancy, thinking it wasn't my role. What i really enjoyed about the hypnobirthing course was that it gave me a way to be active and...

Purple pushing

Purple pushing Purple pushing, coached pushing, holding your breath, all mean basically the same thing Mothers being instructed on pushing causes them to hold their breath and push down into their bottom. Another more normal and less exhausting option would be...

Hypnobirthing North Adelaide

Hypnobirthing North Adelaide offers monthly classes for parents wanting a calm, empowered and positive birth

Tongue tie expert

As an experienced midwife / lactation consultant , I will never make claims about being a tongue tie expert for several reasons:

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage How have you been feeling during pregnancy? Have you noticed your neck and shoulders feeling tense leading to headaches? Have you noticed tightness in your pelvic area? Do you feel as though you just want some time to focus on you and your baby? At...

Posterior tongue tie

Posterior tongue tie is becoming a diagnosis given for all sorts of common problems .While there is no doubt some babies may require a tiny snip for an obvious tongue tie , many are being referred for assesmentfor unrelated problems

Calvary Antenatal classes

Calvary antenatal classes offer parents 6-8 hours of education about medication , interventions and baby care. Hypnobirthing classes prepare parents who would like to know more about tools for an empowered birth, providing relaxation techniques and positioning to help the natural birth process

North eastern Antenatal classes

Antenatal classes prepare parents for birth with information about drugs, interventions and the early days. Hypno-birthing classes prepare parents with additional knowledge about how the body works and how parentss can achieve a deep state of relaxation during pregnancy and birth

Burnside Hospital Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes prepare parents for birth with info about drugs, routines and interventions, Parents who want to feel empowered for a positive birth look for Hypnobirthing classes

Am I really pregnant?

Am I really pregnant?

Am I REAALLLY pregnant? What now ?  If you’re newly pregnant you’ll no doubt be feeling a mixture of excitement and trepidation about pregnancy ON the one hand you’ll hopefully be feeling excitement if it was a planned pregnancy but on the other you may be feeling...

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Early Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy is a time of excitement , mixed with uncertainty, a secret growing , which you may be dying to share but keep to yourself for fear its just a dream

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