Talis’ Birth

Talis birth is an example of how empowering and satisfying birth can be when parents have tools , trust and confidence

Birth story

Thanks to hypnobirthing this Mum was able to remain calm despite some unexpected situations

VBAC success story

VBAc success story Many mums contact me for support with a VBAC

Am I really pregnant?

Am I REAALLLY pregnant? What now ?  If you’re newly pregnant you’ll no doubt be feeling a mixture of excitement and trepidation about pregnancy ON the one hand you’ll hopefully be feeling excitement if it was a planned pregnancy but on the other you may be feeling...

Connecting with your partner

Connecting with your partner takes some creativity when a new baby arrives.Over time dinners at a fancy restaurant become replaced with a takeaway with friends

Dads emotional health

Dads emotional health matters just as it matters for mums.Many dads struggle wiht the emotional changes and lifestyle changes when a new baby arrives

Early Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy is a time of excitement , mixed with uncertainty, a secret growing , which you may be dying to share but keep to yourself for fear its just a dream

Healing birth

Many parents come to hypnobirthing for a second or third birth to lean to technqiues for a positive birth

Labour , what is it really like?

Labour, what is it really like ? A few weeks ago I received a request from an OB colleague to consult with a cient who really wanted to aim for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian) Over the course of our meeting , Alice and her husband discussed their hopes and...

Inducing labour

Inducinglabour rates are rising and may not be in mother or babies best interests unless valid reasons outweigh risks

Pregnancy anxiety

Pregnancy anxiety

During pregnancy anxiety can Ben escalated when mums or dads have pre existing anxiety . Concern over the viability of pregnancy eventually settles before parents may begin to suffer anxiety over birth and then parenthood
Hypnobirthing may sound like a a hippie trend but how many anxiously hippies
do you see?

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Burnside prenatal classes

Burnside prenatal classes

Burnside Hospital prenatal classes generally last for 8-10 hours and provide a run down on signs of labour, medications available for labour, possible interventions such as induction of labour, forceps, and caesarian section.They may also spend a session talking about baby care. Hypno birthing classes spend 12 hours describing how your body works , how your body releases natural hormones to help you stay calm during pregnancy and birth.We discuss options for natural induction of labour and how movement massage and music can assist both parents during pregnancy and birth

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North eastern hospital prenatal

North eastern hospital prenatal

Hospital antenatal classes spend 8-10 hours focusing on signs of labour, medications for labour and side effects.They also inform parents about possible interventions , induction, caesarian etc.

Those mothers who are keen to learn more about natural childbirth without drugs have the option to attend hypno birthing classes privately with My Private midwife.These classes spend 12 hours reinforcing positive birth and informing parents how they can increase chances of normal empowered birth

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Choosing birth team

Choosing your birth team is so important .your birth support people will affect how your feeling as you labour and give birth so if your not 100 percent comfortable with your choice it could slow down labour .Theres a very strong connection between how at ease you feel and the progress of labour
When we are tense our cervix tenses too leading to slow progress ans more discomfort

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